Monday, March 15, 2010

New turbo power

It has often been joked that the hot air coming from the beehive could supply the energy needs of the country. But perhaps the reality is closer than we think. After all, there is more force available than just the hot air. There is the political spin, the about faces and the entire perpetual motion of bureaucracy.

And let's face it the beehive looks like a giant steam turbine tipped on its side. It would be a massive engineering exercise, but it could be done. Jack the beehive up, get it on some bearings and connect it to the national grid. Then get all the pollies to coordinate their efforts... damn; and it seemed like such a good idea. Of course it won't work. The politicians couldn't work together if you tied them all together and dangled a microphone in front of them.

Talk about your atmospheric warming - hot air, spin, about faces, backstabbing scrummages (I think this is called parliament in session) all expending huge amounts of energy achieving nothing of much value. It's like having a giant concrete mixer and only ever getting slurry.

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