Sunday, October 18, 2009

Give Key a break

I notice that National has been on the ropes a bit over the Rugby World Cup TV rights. Some commentators have also given Key a stern warning about getting serious about managing the politics. But I think we need to give him a break.

The poor bugger needs to think of his own future. Despite riding high on popularity at the moment this could all evaporate by the next election. This could be a one term National government and then Mr Key will almost certainly get the chop. After all if we lose the World Cup they're gone regardless of what they've done in the meantime. Then what would he do. He can't go back to the finance industry. Even if that sector is back up and running by then Key's had a taste of the limelight now. How can he go back?

No, he needs to keep his options open and here is his stroke of genius. By keeping things pleasantly comical he just might be able to stay popular for four years. And if not? A career in parroting out top ten lists? After all that's pretty much his job description now.

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