Monday, November 30, 2009

The Tale of Godzilla versus Crusher Collins

Once upon a time there was a monster. A very powerful monster called Godzilla. There were other monsters that were prettier than Godzilla, and some even more powerful, but Godzilla was amongst the fastest and was relatively easy to make friends with.

Godzilla's only problem was that he lacked motivation. Left to himself he was happy just to sit there. To sit there so still, in fact, that he could be mistaken for a monument. But, that is where Little Timmy came in. Little Timmy had made friends with Godzilla. Little Timmy didn't lack in motivation. He liked going fast. He liked egging on Godzilla. He would ride on the monster egging him on to go faster and faster. But it wasn't just the speed he liked. He liked getting Godzilla to roar. He particularly liked it when the girls noticed Godzilla roaring with Little Timmy on his shoulder.

He would excite Godzilla to roar; and to breathe fire. With Little Timmy on his shoulder then Godzilla would roar and breathe fire. He would roar at old people for laughs. He would roar and breathe fire up and down the streets late at night waking all the little babies. And he would go very, very fast.

Little Timmy knew he was being bad but what did it really matter, he thought, only a little bit of fun. Those old people just don't want me to have fun. Godzilla didn't really think about it at all. Not really his thing, thinking; nor any of that moral or legal stuff. Godzilla just left all that to Little Timmy.

One day Little Timmy was out roaring around on Godzilla when something caught his eye. Little Timmy immediately pulled up Godzilla but deep down inside he knew he was in trouble. Sure enough the Automaton (a henchman of Crusher Collins) was gunning straight for them. He jolted Godzilla and the mighty monster was off. At first he seemd to be on the escape - the Automaton was falling behind; but then suddenly there was another in front. And another to the side, and another to the other side. Things were getting hopeless. Little Timmy considered, briefly, unleashing the full power of Godzilla on one of the Automatons but Little Timmy didn't really have the stomach for that kind of evil. And so he stopped.

The Automatons hemmed Godzilla in and pulled Little Timmy from his shoulder and stood him to the side. Then came along Crusher Collins. Crusher Collins was a very big monster. A slow, lumbering giant; and behind Crusher Collins came the townfolk and they were very angry. They were angry at Godzilla but they were absolutely livid at Little Timmy. Little Timmy got a bit worried. Crusher Collins was supposed to be a very sensible, even a little intelligent, giant but really Crusher Collins was little different from Godzilla. Most of the time Crusher Collins just sat there doing nothing. It was only when the townfolk got angry that the giant would move. But now the crowd was angry and they were angry at Little Timmy.

The rage of the mob fuelled Crusher Collins and its internal boiler pressure was getting higher and higher. Little Timmy was pretty sure he was safe from Crusher Collins but at the moment he wasn't too sure. Then Crusher Collins exploded into action and Little Timmy jumped, but he need not have worried. All of Crusher Collin's power was focused on Godzilla. The fabulous monster had just been sitting there. He didn't have any malice. He took the punishment as Crusher mashed and bashed. And dashed and crashed. And pushed and crushed. When Crusher Collins had finished Godzilla was gone. Bashed completely out of recognition - just so much monster bits.

Then Crusher Collins turned towards Little Timmy but Timmy was no longer worried. Crusher Collins raised its crushing arm to smite Little Timmy but, as the hammer was falling, it came up against the Spell of Peacey Bullshoot. Crusher Collins was stopped dead.

Crusher Collins took some friendship out of Little Timmy's friendship pocket and told him to go and stand on the naughty spot to think about what he'd done. Then Crusher Collins lumbered off to do... not much really.

The townspeople still weren't very happy but their worst anger had been sated. So they shook their heads and left as well.

A tear ran down Little Timmy's face. He had really liked Godzilla and he had been a fine monster, one of the finest.

As Little Timmy turned away he consoled himself. There were more monsters out there. There were even monsters more easy to make friends with than Godzilla. Little Timmy would have difficulty making monster friends again, but not for too long. He could get an Empressta Monster, for instance. Easy to make friends with and lots of fun.

A smile formed on Little Timmy's face. He would know the power again. He would feel the speed. He would, again, capture the attention of the girls. And he would make his Empressta Monster roar. Even louder, with even more fire. He would have to be more careful of the Automatons, perhaps even get an Automaton Detection Spell, but he would have his revenge on the townfolk for ruining his fun. He would have even more fun!

And the moral of the story: a Crusher Collins will never overcome Little Timmy.

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